Thursday, October 6, 2011

Review: Howling for My Baby by Beverly Rae

From Goodreads

Sydney Skeller’s father is spitting bullets over her reluctance to join the family business as a shifter hunter. The last thing Daddy needs to know is why—she yearns for a lover who’s man enough for a relationship but animal enough to give her the wild ride of her dreams. After a treadmill mishap lands her in a tangled heap with Jason Cannon, she wonders if she’s finally found her beast, er, man. One session in bed and one bite later, she’s sure. Now if only she can keep her father from mounting Jason’s head on a wall…
Jason is all man on the surface, but wolf shifter down to the bone. He’s more than ready to stop “playing the pack” and find his one true mate, and Sydney of the luscious curves is the woman of his dreams. Finding out that she comes from a family sworn to eradicate his kind isn’t a deal-breaker. But her outrageous plan for him to masquerade as the wolf in hunter’s clothing, right under her father’s very nose, could be asking more than he ever expected to give.

My Thoughts

I really liked the 'idea' of this book when I read the synopsis. Unfortunately, I found the idea better than the reality. The characters are flat and lack depth, description and realism. I couldn't even find a kinship with the main characters because they continually acted as if everything was beyond their control. They allowed other characters to 'herd' them through the events of the story. The story presents almost as if it's a summary or a list of events. It quickly moves from one scene to another without exploring the depth or emotion behind the characters' actions. To be honest, I couldn't even finish this book because I was so frustrated. I kept wanting more from the characters and story, but it just never happened.

Ratingdidn't like it (my current rating) it was ok liked it really liked it it was amazing

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