Double Take

He smiled as he listened to the local news report. In the past month, three sets of twins had disappeared, only to be found dead a few days later, their bodies stuffed in the trunk of a car. The police were calling him a madman. It wasn't true though. He was simply doing what had to be done. Methodically and efficiently. Clicking off the television, he reached for the file on his desk. It was time to see who was next on the list.

            I need you to find my sister. Those were the words that drove Caleb Knight from his bed well before sunrise. Find my sister, Keith had said. She isn't answering her phone. As he sped across town, years of experience told Caleb that he was overreacting. Grace was a beautiful, intelligent, desirable woman. There were many reasons a woman like that didn't answer her phone before dawn. But here he was, parking the car, and feeling like an idiot. He could only imagine the look on Grace's face when he dragged her from her bed. With one last fleeting thought for his professional reputation, Caleb stepped out of the car. Then he heard her scream.

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  1. Absolutely love it - finished it after we finished our class! Especially like the character development: they all seem like "real people." Good sibling dialogue/interaction, too. So glad we've gotten to know each other!