Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Flynn, Avery (2011-06-13). Up a Dry Creek (The Dry Creek series) (Kindle Locations 1698-1707). Evernight Publishing. Kindle Edition.


His nerves taut, Jake took in the details of the situation. The stairs were at their backs. The dining room was in front of them. The gunman blocked the closest exit. It was the same nutjob from the Jeep fire, who’d been threatening Claire and more than likely killed Kendall. He’d changed his clothes and shaved his head, but Jake couldn’t mistake him or his malicious intent. Not with a 9mm Browning trained on Claire’s heart.

 “That was some scream.” The killer lifted his glassy-eyed gaze toward Jake, but kept the gun pointed at Claire. “You’ll have to share your secret with me after this is over. I can make the girls yell, but it’s never my name.”

Claire shook at his side. His protective urge stoked the fury rushing through his veins. That bastard would pay for making her life hell. The tweaker had some drug-powered aggression on his side, but Jake had no doubt he’d take the killer down. He hunched his shoulders like a lineman about to make a tackle and prepared to take out the lunatic.

The gun’s ominous click stopped him cold.

I was excited to read this book because it’s part of one of my favorite genres, romantic suspense. Lately I’ve found traditional loves stories to be too sappy and mushy for my taste. I’d rather have a little danger with my love story and Up a Dry Creek does not disappoint. With dead bodies, threatening phone calls, break-ins, assault, and fires (to name a few), this story has everything. I actually felt sorry for the characters a couple of times, thinking ‘Okay! Enough already.’ Just when I would think that Claire and Jake were in the clear, it was just another calm before another storm. Their relationship, emotional and physical, develops quickly, but that’s the nature of the genre. The love scenes were suitably spicy and explicit, but seemed a natural part of the story as a whole. The plot is fast paced, creative and continues to keep you guessing. Can’t wait to see what this author comes up with next.

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  1. So glad you liked Up a Dry Creek. You're right, I did put Claire and Jake through the ringer. :)