Friday, March 25, 2011

Product Description
Northern Exposure

Even in Grundy, Alaska, it’s unusual to find a naked guy with a bear trap clamped to his ankle on your porch. But when said guy turns into a wolf, recent southern transplant Mo Wenstein has no difficulty identifying the problem. Her surly neighbor Cooper Graham—who has been openly critical of Mo’s ability to adapt to life in Alaska—has trouble of his own. Werewolf trouble.

For Cooper, an Alpha in self-imposed exile from his dysfunctional pack, it’s love at first sniff when it comes to Mo. But Cooper has an even more pressing concern on his mind. Several people around Grundy have been the victims of wolf attacks, and since Cooper has no memory of what he gets up to while in werewolf form, he’s worried that he might be the violent canine in question.

If a wolf cries wolf, it makes sense to listen, yet Mo is convinced that Cooper is not the culprit. Except if he’s not responsible, then who is? And when a werewolf falls head over haunches in love with you, what are you supposed to do anyway? The rules of dating just got a whole lot more complicated. . . .

What I Think

First the confession: Yes, it was me that, just a few weeks ago, said I was sick and tired of the whole vampire/werewolf thing. I was. I am. But when I stumbled across How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf, who did I think I was kidding? No way could I pass up something so original. And I’m so glad I didn’t! This was NOT my teenage daughter’s Twilight. This book was imaginative, creative, surprising, and fun. It was easy to relate to and empathize with Mo. And Cooper is so well written, that it was easy to suspend disbelief and accept. Harper does a wonderful job of blending man and beast, without crossing the line into the ridiculous or vulgar. Overall, it’s an entertaining read with just enough explicitly, sexy moments to add to the excitement. Too explicit and sexy for young readers. If this one isn’t on your TBR list, you should absolutely add it.


  1. Great review! This surely sounds like something I'd like to read. And don't worry about changing your mind about reading stuff. We all did that. I had sworn I would not read Twilight (teenagers + vampires + love = yuck, or so I had thought). Guess how that ended up:)

  2. It sounds like it's right up my alley! I'll add it to my to-read list.