Thursday, March 31, 2011

The List (from Goodreads)

It's a technothriller about a group of ten people who all have tattoos of numbers on the bottoms their feet, and don't know why.

One of them, a Chicago Homicide cop named Tom Mankowski, has had one of these strange tattoos since birth. When he investigates a violent murder and discovers the victim also has a tattooed number, it sets the ball rolling for an adventure of historic proportions.

To say more would give away too much.

Like the Jack Daniels series, The List combines laugh out loud humor with serious suspense and thrills.

If the Kindle had back jacket copy, it would read:

A billionaire Senator with money to burn...

A thirty year old science experiment, about to be revealed...

Seven people, marked for death, not for what they know, but for what they are...

THE LIST by JA Konrath

History is about to repeat itself

What I Think

I stumbled across this book on Amazon when I was having one of my ebook shopping sprees. The review of The List compared it to The Da Vinci Code. Even the possibility of a similarity was enough to make me read the product description. After that, I was in. The List is imaginative, unique, mysterious, and intriguing. It’s complete with twists, turns, dangers, and surprises. And it has one of the most original plot lines I’ve read in a long time. Without giving too much away, this is a story of the lengths one man will go to in his quest for power – kidnapping, murder, and human cloning. What more can a reader ask for? I was hooked from the first page, the first sentence actually and my disappointments were few and minor. I don’t know that I would compare it to The Da Vinci Code, but, all in all, a really good read. Good enough that I plan to seek out other books by this author.


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