Thursday, March 17, 2011

From Booklist

Brandi Michaels is out for revenge. After learning her fiancé had dumped her to marry his pregnant girlfriend, Brandi--who had just moved to Chicago to start her new law career--pawns her engagement ring and uses the money to buy a gorgeous pair of sapphire earrings, a knock-'em-dead designer gown, and shoes to die for. Dressed to kill, Brandi arrives at a high-society soiree celebrating the famous Romanov Blaze diamond searching for the perfect man to distract her from her romantic sorrows. Roberto Bartolini, an Italian count, does the trick. Brandi spends one perfect weekend with him, assuming that she'll never see him again, only to discover that the irresistibly sexy nobleman is not only a suspected jewel thief but also her firm's new client. New York Times best-selling Dodd will dazzle readers with this fabulously fun tale of danger, desire, and diamonds, which features yet another winning combination of the author's trademark smart and snappy writing, delightfully original characters, and deliciously sensual romance. John Charles

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My Review

I was first attracted to this book because of the title, Trouble in High Heels. It sounds like an accurate description of most of the women I know. And if this character, Brandi, was going to make trouble, I SO wanted to be there. I was not disappointed. The author, Christina Dodd, presents a story that almost every woman can relate to – being dumped by a guy. From the very beginning, it’s easy to sympathize and empathize with Brandi. And when she has the nerve to go to a party with the full intention of picking up a man… Who amongst us hasn’t wondered at one time or another, what that would be like? The romance that develops between Brandi and her one night stand is sensual and sexy and, of course, enviable. And, if that wasn’t enough, let’s throw in a little well orchestrated crime and danger. LOVED IT! Dodd also gets major points for making Brandi a self-sufficient, intelligent woman. No waiting around for a knight on a white charger to rescue her. Love strong, independent women! This is one of the best books I have read in a long time. I enjoyed it so much, that I am now seeking out everything this author has ever written. So… should you read the book? ABSOLUTELY! DEFINITELY! WITHOUT A DOUBT! (You might even want to read it twice! LOL)


  1. Glad you loved the book! I agree, it's a one of the best modern romance book. I loved it, too. Great review!

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  3. Looks like a great book. I love the cover.

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